Water Damage Photo Gallery

Wood floors buckling.

Buckling and Warping Floors Is A Sign Of Water Damage

A common sign that your property is suffering from a water loss is when you notice your floors begin to warp or buckle. When this happens, it means that there is moisture present in and under your flooring, causing it to expand and warp out of place.

Water extraction in action.

Water Extraction & Cleanup is Only One Call Away

If a water damage event erupts on your property in Hendersonville, NC, you can count on our SERVPRO of Hendersonville team to help with all your water removal and cleanup needs!

room with cut drywall

Highly Trained Team at SERVPRO of Hendersonville

Our team has the equipment and knowledge to mitigate the damages after water loss. Call SERVPRO of Hendersonville at the first signs of water damage at (828) 692-3337!

Flood waters in a basement

Basement With Water Four Feet Deep After Flash Flooding In Henderson County Home

The flash floods of 2018 were disastrous to many homeowners and businesses. This home had multiple rooms in the basement with standing water four feet deep. If you experience any flooding in your Hendersonville home, give us a call.

Flood water on floor of a hotel

Water Damage At Hendersonville Business

Our SERVPRO of Hendersonville technicians were on site fast after we received the call that this local Hendersonville business had a water loss. The water damage affected many rooms of this business. 

Inches Deep Water Extraction in Hendersonville Business

This was quite a large room, and to have inches of what to extract... Well, our SERVPRO of Henderson County team had quite a busy day helping this local business. 

Severe mold growth on the wall of a bedroom after water damage

Moldy Bedroom is Hendersonville Home

Sleeping in a moldy bedroom is incredibly hazardous to your health. After a water loss, mold can grow in as little as 48 hours.  If you ever see this happening in your Hendersonville home, please don't hesitate to call the mold removal pros at SERVPRO of Hendersonville.

Mold growth caused by a water leak

Mold In Hendersonville Home

Whether the mold in growing in your basement or den, making sure the mold is removed properly and safely is important. You certainly don't want to let a mold situation like this go untended for long, in your Henderson County Home.  

Water in a home

Water Everywhere!

We're Here to Help

When we arrived at this water job in Flat Rock, NC, the water was still coming into the house. 

We quickly extracted the water and set the equipment to start the drying process. Our team at SERVPRO of Hendersonville is ready to help 24/7 after water damage