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Disastrous House Fire In Henderson County

This was a very sad situation for this homeowner, the fire destroyed quite a bit of their home. Our SERVPRO of Henderson County Fire Technicians did their best to safe all that they could.

Henderson County House Fire

It's pretty astonishing to see the amount of damage a house fire can do. This is the inside of a refrigerator after a kitchen fire in a Hendersonville home.  

House Fire In Hendersonville

The damage done to a home after a fire is extensive. While the fire in this house happened in the kitchen, those harmful black fumes made there way through the entire house, affecting all rooms. 

Basement With Water Four Feet Deep After Flash Flooding In Henderson County Home

The flash floods of 2018 were disastrous to many homeowners and businesses. This home had multiple rooms in the basement with standing water four feet deep. WLOS News 13 came on site to interview SERVPRO of Henderson County's Owner Steve Martin to discuss the recent flooding.   

Water Damage At Hendersonville Business

Our SERVPRO of Henderson County technicians were on site fast after we received the call that this local business had a water loss. The water damage affected many rooms of this business. 

Inches Deep Water Extraction in Hendersonville Business

This was quite a large room, and to have inches of what to extract... Well, our SERVPRO of Henderson County team had quite a busy day helping this local business. 

Moldy Bedroom is Hendersonville Home

Sleeping in a moldy bedroom is incredibly hazardous to your health. If you ever see this happening in you home, please don't hesitate to call the mold removal pros at SERVPRO of Henderson County!  

Mold In Hendersonville Home

Whether the mold in growing in your basement or den, making sure the mold is removed properly and safely is important. You certainly don't want to let a mold situation like this go untended for long, in your Henderson County Home.  

Pesky Mold In Henderson County Home

Did you know that mold will start growing immediately after spores are attached to an item. Mold can easily grow within 24 to 48 hours, and will begin to colonize in 1 to 12 days. Protect your home if you see mold by calling SERVPRO of Henderson County to help you.

Pink Mold in Henderonville Home

When people think of mold, they certainly don't think pink. But mold can come in many colors ranging from white, black, pink, yellow and green. Whatever the color may be, SERVPRO of Henderson County can identify the mold and safely take care of it for you. 

Storm Damage to Hendersonville Home After Tree Falls

Isn't this a sight! There was literally debris everywhere after a huge tree fell on this house in Hendersonville during a storm. This was one of the worse tree damaged homes our SERVPRO of Henderson County team had ever cleaned up.  

Storm Damage After Tree Falls On Storage Shed at Henderson County Home

When it comes to falling trees, there's not much we can do to protect ourselves or our things, except maybe making sure we are insured and in this case, the homeowner was. Our SERVPRO of Henderson County Team was able to cleanup this mess fast!

Frozen Pipes Burst During Winter Freeze In Henderson County Business

What a mess busted frozen pipes can make. This Henderson County Business had quite the cleanup on their hands that winter. Thankfully SERVPRO of Henderson County was there to help them.

Busted Pipes In Commercial Business Of Henderson County

This is the unfortunate aftermath a local business in Henderson County experienced after busted pipes from a frozen sprinkler system. Thankfully no one was occupying the beds when this happened.

SERVPRO of Henderson County Was Able to Save Commercial Business Files After Water Damage

This was only one of the many rooms with files that were damaged after this water loss, and thankfully our SERVPRO of Henderson County Team was able to save this businesses files. 

Major Commercial Water Damage in Henderson County

This was a very unfortunate water loss at a commercial building in Henderson County. There was water everywhere! Our SERVPRO of Henderson County Team had this business back up and running in no time at all. 

Storms Can Really Damage Your Henderson County Home!

When severe weather strikes and a tree falls on your home, the damage that it can do is daunting. Our SERVPRO of Henderson County team, helped this homeowner get their home back in order. 

SERVPRO Of Henderson County Helping Deliver Snacks To Local Elementary Schools

Grateful to help FABA (Fletcher Area Business Association) deliver snack packs to local elementary schools. It was heart-wrenching to find out that so many kids in our community would go hungry if there wasn't assistance. One school actually had an astonishing 95% of kids who would go without food if the school didn't provide it. Thank you FABA for all that you do to help! May there be endless future donations!!!

WLOS ABC News 13 Interviewing SERVPRO Of Henderson County After Flash Flooding

After severe flash flooding in May of 2018, WLOS ABC News 13 interviews SERVPRO of Henderson County for the evening news spotlight. This local residence was only one of the many homes affected by the torrential storms that rocked our worlds here in the mountains. 

SERVPRO of Henderson County Giving Back

Giving back to the community, SERVPRO of Henderson County grilled out for Habitat For Humanities workers, providing lunch every Thursday throughout the month of June. We all had a blast and everyone went back to work with full belly's and smiles :)  

Water Everywhere!

When we arrived at this water job in Flat Rock, NC, the water was still coming into the house!  We quickly extracted the water and set the equipment to start the drying process.  Water certainly does move quickly!

Kitchen Fire in Hendersonville, NC

This is what we walked into after the fire department had finished their job.  What a job it was!  By the time it was done, you would have never know it happened.