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Henderson County Home Badly Damaged After Storm

When we have storms in these mountains with heavy rain and winds, its quite common for trees to fall down. We all hope that those trees never land on our homes,... READ MORE

Entire Bathroom Has to Be Stripped After Water Damage In Henderson County Home

When a water loss occurs to a home that had severe roof damage, the toll it can take can be pretty extensive. In this situational, the damaged roof let quite a ... READ MORE

Huge Tree Lands On Henderson County Home

Can you imagine being in your home, relaxing or doing your daily routine and suddenly you hear a VERY loud crash and the whole house is shaking and cracking, fe... READ MORE

Aftermath Of Storm That Wreaks Havoc On House In Henderson Couty

Some of the storms that we get here in the mountains of North Carolina are pretty severe, with heavy winds and torrential downpours of rain. This unfortunate ho... READ MORE

SERVPRO of Henderson County Water Cleanup

When winter weather strikes, having the temperatures drop to below freezing can result in some pretty nasty cleanup after pipes burst. That's why it's important... READ MORE

Henderson County House Fire

The damage done to a home after a house fire is astonishing. In situations like this, our team will try to save what we can, but many things will have to be tos... READ MORE

Water Damage at Henderson County Business

Water damage to your home or business, whether it's big or small, is always a headache. Thankfully this wasn't a major water loss for this local Henderson Count... READ MORE

Document Drying at a Commercial Water Loss in Henderson County

All businesses, big or small have important documents and files. When a water loss occurs and those important documents are damaged, it's important to handle th... READ MORE

Water Damage and Henderson County Church

When a water damage happens to a business, it's very important that a professional team responds quickly. This local church called the right people to get the j... READ MORE

Bathroom Fire In Henderson County Home

Sure, we've all heard of homes catching on fire from cigarettes and if you're a smoker you may think to yourself "that would never happen to me." Well, this hom... READ MORE