Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Water leaks cause damage

This local Hendersonville home experience a leak in their roof, which caused water to run down behind the drywall and caused major damage. Even the smallest wat... READ MORE

Henderson County Home Badly Damaged After Storm

When we have storms in these mountains with heavy rain and winds, its quite common for trees to fall down. We all hope that those trees never land on our homes,... READ MORE

Huge Tree Lands On Henderson County Home

Can you imagine being in your home, relaxing or doing your daily routine and suddenly you hear a VERY loud crash and the whole house is shaking and cracking, fe... READ MORE

Aftermath Of Storm That Wreaks Havoc On House In Henderson Couty

Some of the storms that we get here in the mountains of North Carolina are pretty severe, with heavy winds and torrential downpours of rain. This unfortunate ho... READ MORE

SERVPRO of Henderson County Water Cleanup

When winter weather strikes, having the temperatures drop to below freezing can result in some pretty nasty cleanup after pipes burst. That's why it's important... READ MORE

SERVPRO of Hendersonville Water Cleanup and Mold Remediation

In a situation like this where the home wasn't being lived in, the water damage was undetected for quite some time, making it the prefect breading ground for pe... READ MORE